Saturday, January 30, 2010

On ice, fishing is as simple as it gets


Take what you know about summer fishing, add a healthy scoop of patience, and you'll be successful at ice fishing.
"Ice fishing is the simplest of all fishing. With the bare essentials you can reach and fish areas in the wintertime that you would have needed a boat in the other three seasons, an avid fishing lure expert, collector and a local fisherman in Chatfield. "All that is needed is fishing line, some weight, a hook and bait."
Some of the most collectable ice fishing items is the "bobbin"-type devices that Native Americans used,. These devices consisted of a piece of wood to wrap the fishing line around and were then used to stick in the snow to anchor the set up.
"Collecting old ice fishing tackle is becoming more popular every year. "Most interest is geared toward old lures, decoys, reels, rods, spears, advertising and miscellaneous items."
It used to be, if you wanted a shelter when ice fishing, you would build a heavy wooden ice shack, pulled it on the ice and let it sit for the winter.
"You waited for the fish to come to you,. "Dave invented a portable ice fishing shelter that allowed him to move to the fish."

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