Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spinning and Spin casting

Spinning and Spin casting

For most beginners, Spin casting and spinning are two different methods that are easily and quickly learned. Both Spin casting as well as spinning tackle are generally available in packages where the rod is matched with the reel. For additional detail please refer to our detailed pages on spinning and Spin casting Again, ask for assistance when unsure.

The nice thing about these methods is that you can present the bait or the lure fairly accurately where the fish are. You can cast good distances with reasonable accuracy and work the bait and lures effectively, especially in deeper water. In addition, you can also accommodate larger fish on the end of your line relatively easily, due to the nature of the spinning and Spin casting equipment.

We generally encourage children who are starting to fish to begin with Spin casting equipment, since the Spin casting outfits generally use a rod with a grip similar to a pistol and top mounted reels which release line with the push of a button.

Spinning gear can be a little trickier to learn, however, is our favourite and most often used with the crew at It uses a relatively straight handle and bottom mounted reel that hangs off the rod. The line is released, not through the release of a button, but by your index finger.

Both spinning and Spin casting are excellent methods to for beginners that can be learned quickly and the equipment can be found at almost any tackle or sporting goods store.

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